Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered
Catholic, elementary education for students in preschool through
sixth grade.

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Band and Spanish Events

The fifth and sixth grade band members have been working on some new group songs and have especially enjoyed the Japanese folk song, “Sakura, Sakura.” Our congratulations go out to Evelyn Pichardo (flute) and Stacy Adams (clarinet) who were chosen to be in the Southern Minnesota Middle Level Honor Band, which will be held in Austin, MN on Saturday, March 4th. I know they will be excellent representatives of St. Casimir’s School!

The kindergarten through sixth grade students at St. Casimir’s School have been making great progress in their Spanish lessons. The kindergarten students have learned the Spanish words for family members and are now learning about shapes. The first and second graders are learning the words for parts of the body and clothing, while the third graders are learning all about the calendar. Grades five and six continue to learn the correct terms for foods. I love when they come through the lunch line and name all of the foods in Spanish for me. It is wonderful to see them using their Spanish outside of the classroom!

~~Submitted by Mrs. Aimee Chalmers