Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered
Catholic, elementary education for students in preschool through
sixth grade.

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We are Thankful!

2013 10 31 Veterans Day
With Veterans Day right around the corner, the first and second graders have talked about the symbols on our flags. The students began studying the American flag and learned how the stars and stripes have important meanings. They also spent time studying the flag of each state and learned how the flag represents something unique about that state. To better understand how a flag is created, the students had fun creating their own flags with symbols that were important to them. As Thanksgiving draws near, the students will be taking time to remember what is important in their lives and how to be thankful for it. One very wonderful thing for which they are grateful is the service of our military men and women and the freedom it allows. Please join St. Casimir’s School on November 11th at 1:00 PM in Fr. Mikolai Hall as they take time to say “thank you” to our veterans. We hope you are able to attend this event and that you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

A $10,000 Photo...

2016 10 13 Marathon PieCongratulations—we did it!!!  Not only did we surpass last year’s Knights of Columbus Marathon total of $9,239.75 AND this year’s goal of $10,000.00, we shot way past those marks to bring in a total so far of $11,791.10!!!  How generous are our school supporters?!?  VERY, VERY GENEROUS!  And the students may have been just a little bit motivated by the opportunity to reach the $10,000 mark to experience both Fr. Vogel and Mrs. Tibodeau receiving pie facials!  As the students who collected the highest donation amounts as well as the most number of donors, Kinley and Kylee Koziolek experienced a sisterly bonding moment when they had the pleasure of “sharing” their whip cream pies with our school administrators as shown here.  Good job, girls!

News from Mrs. Bixby

Beyond learning the “Three R’s”, the beginning of a new school year always brings the need for the students to sharpen their organizational skills and focus on practicing good time management. Third grade is a big transition year in other non-subject areas also as the students work hard on writing complete sentences when answering questions and transitioning from the process of learning to read to the skill of reading to learn. The fifth and sixth graders shared their lessons in Social Studies when they performed a short “Reader’s Theater” at a recent Home and School meeting. The play was about the colonists’ efforts to change the Articles of Confederation into a better set of laws which eventually became the Constitution. In teaching Music to all of the students, we cover a wide range of skills including learning musical terms, symbols and history; learning to read music and play recorders and choir chimes and last, but definitely not least, learning new songs!

God Bless, Mrs. Bixby and the Students of SCS

St. Casimir's School Learns Farm Safety

TDSC08656he Future Farmers of America (FFA) of United South DSC08665Central School in Wells presented a wonderful opportunity to the students of St. Casimir’s School through their annual Farm Safety Day.  During this event, the FFA members did an amazing job presenting information about farm dangers and how to stay safe around farming equipment. Members of the Wells ambulance squad were also on hand to demonstrate their latest lifesaving equipment. Our thanks go to the USC FFA members, their instructor Dan Dylla and the Wells ambulance personnel. During this time of heavy farming activity within our communities, their message stressing awareness and safety around all the ag equipment was presented at an excellent time!

News from Ms. Muench...

DSC08631I have had a wonderful first two weeks of teaching here at St. Casimir’s School and feeling welcomed into the school community. Within my first and second grade classroom, we have had the opportunity to get to know each other in many different ways. We started this new school year with many fun activities, such as painting rocks, making puzzle pieces, and setting our goals. This next week we will be completing our NWEA testing, working on Reading A-Z, and learning about classroom communities. Our favorite classroom project so far has been making our own classroom puzzle for which each student was given a piece of a large blank puzzle that they decorated to represent themselves. When the pieces were completed, the students had to put the puzzle together. Doing so allowed the students to see that each person is a key part in making the puzzle a whole and that God is the center of everything we do.  The statement, “We are each unique and beautiful, but together we are a masterpiece!” perfectly explains our classroom puzzle. 

Submitted by Ms. Muench, SCS teacher