Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered
Catholic, elementary education for students in preschool through
sixth grade.

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Meet Our New Faculty Members!

Now that we are closing out the first week of the school year, it's time to inroduce our three new teachers, Nancy Barnd, our Early Childhood Coordinator and teacher; Kim Warner, who instructs our students in Religion and Art as well as Math, Social Studies and Science for our third-sixth grade students and Shannon Muench, serving our first and second graders in Language Arts, Math, Scienc, Social Studies and all of our kindergarten-sixth grade students in Computer.  Joining these new faculty members are returning teachers Beth Emerson, Kindergarten; Aimee Chalmers, Band and Spanish and Cindy Bixby, third- sixth Language Arts and kindergarten-grade six Music.  We are thankful for the gifts and talents of these wonderful ladies!
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Summer at St. Casimir's School

Although the classroom doors are closed for the summer, the office remains open.  Office hours for Mrs. Tibodeau for Monday-Thursday are 9:00 AM-3:00 PM and 9:00AM-noon on Friday.  Please feel free to stop by or to call if we can be assistance with your questions or concerns.  We hope you are enjoying the extra summer hours with your family!

Exploring the Animals

The first and second grade students of St. Casimir’s School have been working very hard learning about animals. In class discussion, they discovered different characteristics of various animals, such as their habitats, diet, lifespan, etc. The students then chose an animal that interested them and researched it more fully. Upon finishing their research, the students created a Powerpoint presentation based on their animal. As the final step in this project, the young researchers will soon present their Powerpoints to the entire SCS school body. However, in previewing the presentations, a few teacher comments were “All I can say is ‘Wow! We’ve got some amazing students!’” and “How truly amazing their presentations are!” Congratulations first and second graders on a job well done!

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Come Celebrate our Newest SCS Alumni!

From their first days in kindergarten until their last week as sixth graders, Caldyn and Colten have been a delight to have within our classrooms!  Please join us in asking God's best blessings for them as they graduate on June 3rd.  Their graduation ceremony will be held during the morning Children's Mass beginning at 8:30 AM.  We will miss them, but know that they will continue to be blessings to others as they step outside the doors of St. Casimir's School!

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News from Spanish...

The kindergarten through second graders have been learning their animals in Spanish. We especially like to sing our animals song and make the animal noises! The third and fourth graders are just finishing up learning all about the calendar and know the days, months, and seasons of the year, as well as how to tell the date for today, yesterday and tomorrow. The fifth and sixth graders have been learning all about the weather and can describe the weather in Spanish. They recently made weather posters and gave a presentation about them to their classmates. In addition, the third through sixth graders will be learning about Cinco de Mayo beginning this week.