Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered
Catholic, elementary education for students in preschool through
sixth grade.

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Celebrate with the Saints is Coming Soon!

The big night is drawing near!  The students, staff and families of SCS have been eagerly preparing their offerings for the largest Home and School fundraiser of the school year that will occur on April 9th beginning at 5:00 PM in the school's gymnasium.  All are invited to attend this very festive evening that is kicked off with with a delicious pulled pork sandwich meal and is followed with silent and live auctions.  Have you purchased your raffle ticket yet?  If not, do so soon as they go fast and there are some wonderful items available!  Our thanks already belong to the many local businesses and individuals who have given so generously to ensure the success of this evening's fundraising aspect.  We have so many wonderful items available for the auctions that would perfectly fit the bill as gifts for Mother/Father's Day gifts, birthdays, baby showers,...  There's probably even an item or two just for you!  We hope you will join us for this very fun event!
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SCS Students in Honor Band

On March 12th two students from the St. Casimir’s School Band participated in the Southeast Minnesota Middle Level Honor Band held in Austin, MN. There were over 200 students from 37 schools involved in this wonderful event. During the evening concert, two bands performed--one band was made up of fifth and sixth grader musicians and the second band was for the seventh and eighth grade students. St. Casimir’s students Evelyn Pichardo (on flute) and Nathaniel Clore (on alto saxophone) played in the fifth and sixth grade band. They did a wonderful job and represented St. Casimir’s School beautifully.

SCS Hosts Student Registration Night

St. Casimir’s School will be hosting a Student Registration Night on Tuesday, February 23rd, beginning at 6:30 PM at the school. Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered, Catholic elementary education for students in preschool through sixth grade. During this evening event, parents will be given the opportunity to learn about the educational programs offered by St. Casimir’s School including early childhood which includes preschool and a licensed pre-kindergarten class, elementary education including kindergarten through sixth grade and Kid Zone which is a before and after school care program. Information regarding registration, transportation, lunch plans, student health needs and financial assistance will also be available. All area parents interested in a quality, Christian education option for their children are invited to attend the St. Casimir’s School Student Registration Night on February 23rd. St. Casimir’s School is located at 330 2nd Ave. SW in Wells. Questions?  Please call 507-553-5822.

Come to Conferences!

The final scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences for this school year will occur on March 1st from 3:15-7:00 PM in Fr. Mikolai Hall.  Parents may visit with their child's teacher during this time fram whenever it best suits their family schedule--other than the 5:00-5:30 PM teacher meal time.  Please keep in mind the suggested 10 minute session limit when visiting with each teacher.  However, if you feel that you would like to visit with a particular teacher for a longer session, please feel free to set up an alternate meeting date.  Hopefully, we will see a 100% parent participation rate!

Our first, second and third graders have been very busy...

Is it really cold enough outside to freeze bubbles?  This was the burning question on the inquisitive minds of our first and second grade St. Casimir’s School students.  Armed with bubble bottles and wands, they stepped outside to discover that it is indeed possible to create beautiful, frozen bubbles!  The first graders are working on sequencing, counting money and function tables in Math, while the second and third graders are learning their multiplication facts, making arrays, grouping and creating tables and charts.  The second grade students are discerning in Religion class the many ways that Jesus provides to find the peace and happiness that he intends everyone to experience.  They are also becoming aware of how sin and disobedience cut us off from that peace.  After learning about the Indians that lived in our state and the hardships the new settlers had to face in their Minnesota History class, the students were challenged to decide what they would have brought on their journey to the new territory as a an original settler.  It was very interesting to see what the priorities would be if they were only allowed to bring so many things--would it be an ax or a plow, one cow or two oxen, a cook stove or a piano, a window or a feather mattress, two chickens or a three month’s supply of food!  As you can see, this school year has been full of learning and growing.  God has truly blessed all of us here at SCS!  May His presence fill your hearts and homes in 2016 .  God bless all of you from Ms. Raimann and the St. Casimir’s School kids!