Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered
Catholic, elementary education for students in preschool through
sixth grade.

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Dining with the Bishop!

In November of 2014, Bishop John Quinn of the Diocese of Winona visited St. Casimir’s School in Wells to join in the celebration of the school’s DSC03147centennial year of education.   Now that St. Casimir’s School has entered into their next 100 years, Bishop Quinn returned to SCS dine with the families and staff, the governing board and council members and congratulated the school on its status as the sole parochial school in Faribault County. How wonderful it is to provide this educational alternative for families! Following the meal blessing and Subway-catered meal (in which Father Vogel’s famous lemonade was much appreciated), Bishop Quinn’s conversations with those present included sharing his gratitude to the parents who stand strong as their child’s first teachers of the faith and who continue in that path by sending their children to St. Casimir’s School where their efforts are supported both spiritually and educationally. The Bishop also shared his thanksgiving for those who work “tirelessly” to ensure St. Casimir’s School is available to families for another 100 years. As individual children came forward to thank the Bishop for coming, they received his apostolic blessing. The diocesan parochial schools are very fortunate to be blessed with a Bishop who takes their welfare very much to heart and is such a strong support for the efforts of the numerous people who give sacrificially to ensure their school’s continued successes. Thank you, Bishop Quinn! Come and visit us anytime! 

Kindergarten News

Greetings from the SCS Kindergarten classroom!  We are hoping you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. During our morning session, the students talk about weather, and our calendar helper has the opportunity to serve as the weather person.  We discuss the current conditions and what it will be like the next day in attempt to predict what will come next.  We had our first big Math test this week, and our little minds remembered so much about greatest, greater, least, less, more, fewer and patterns.  That list is just a few of the things we have been learning, and we love it all!!!  We are also learning many new words, and our list of learned words continues to grow.  Just this week we were introduced to the spelling of “fit, pit, tip and it” and also how to sound them out.  Soon we will be able to write complete sentences, so this is a very exciting time!  In Religion class we have been talking about all of the wonderful gifts from God.  This week we talked about the gifts of animals --how they help us and how we can prove our love for God by taking care of them.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow both academically and spiritually at St. Casimir's School! 

Submitted by Mrs. Beth Emerson

SCS Learns About Farm Safety

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) of United South Central in Wells presented a wonderful opportunity to the students of St. Casimir’s School through their annual Farm Safety Day.  During this event, the FFA members did an amazing job presenting information about farm dangers and how to stay safe around farming equipment. Our thanks go to the USC FFA members and their instructor Dan Dylla! DSCF6934

National Pastor Appreciation Day

The students of St. Casimir’s School in Wells recently honored their pastor, Father Andrew Vogel, in celebration of National Pastor Appreciation Day which was celebrated on October 11th. In doing so, the older students presented Father with a “Spiritual Bouquet” in which each student created a flower and wrote a blessing for Father upon it. The younger students had created a poster in which they each made a sheep from cotton balls and cutout of their hand to follow the theme of the sheep and the good shepherd. What can you do to show appreciation for your priest or pastor? When a group of parish priests were asked, “How can your parishioners best let you know that they are thankful for you and the work you do?” the following suggestions were given:

    • Pray for Your Priest:  “The most important thing a parishioner can do for his/her priest is to IMG 1461pray for him.  It’s a great joy to know of prayers since my life and ministry are only as fruitful as the people praying for me.”
    • Cook Him a Meal:   Find out his favorite meal and make it for him.
    • Write Him a Note Expressing Your Gratitude:  “It is very powerful to hear somebody describe exactly HOW the thing I said or did was so fruitful for them.  It is a reminder that Jesus is a lot bigger then me, and he can do great things with the little I have to offer.” 
    • Say Thank You:  “Thank the priest for every Mass. Even something as simple as saying ‘Thank you for your ministry and I will pray for you’ can mean a great deal.”
    • Invite Him Over:  “It’s nice when people think to invite me to family gatherings, even special birthdays or anniversary celebrations.”
    • Strive for Holiness:  “There’s nothing more exciting for a priest than witnessing holiness in the lives of the people to whom he ministers; not only is that an experience of grace that his labor is bearing fruit, but it’s also tremendously edifying in his own pursuit of holiness.”

Science Never Tasted Better!

During the fifth and sixth grade Science class at St. Casimir’s School in Wells, the students have been working through their unit on Nutrition. As sugar seems to find its way into so much of what we put in our bodies, the students learned how to prepare healthier snack options. Fruit contains natural sugars; therefore, the students made apples with peanut butter, fruit-infused water and dehydrated apples and bananas. The dehydrated fruit provided a very convenient snack that was shared with and enjoyed by all the students and staff. Due to the abundant availability of fresh garden produce, students also donated tomatoes and apples which were made into fresh salsa and baked apples with cinnamon. Who knew Science would taste so good?!? This activity was sponsored by the Statewide Health Improvement Project Grant to promote healthy eating in schools. Caldyn Colten EvelynStacy Nathaniel Mrs. Sonnek