Founded in 1915, St. Casimir’s School provides a Christ-centered
Catholic, elementary education for students in preschool through
sixth grade.

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SCS Learns About Farm Safety

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) of United South Central in Wells presented a wonderful opportunity to the students of St. Casimir’s School through their annual Farm Safety Day.  During this event, the FFA members did an amazing job presenting information about farm dangers and how to stay safe around farming equipment. Our thanks go to the USC FFA members and their instructor Dan Dylla! DSCF6934

Science Never Tasted Better!

During the fifth and sixth grade Science class at St. Casimir’s School in Wells, the students have been working through their unit on Nutrition. As sugar seems to find its way into so much of what we put in our bodies, the students learned how to prepare healthier snack options. Fruit contains natural sugars; therefore, the students made apples with peanut butter, fruit-infused water and dehydrated apples and bananas. The dehydrated fruit provided a very convenient snack that was shared with and enjoyed by all the students and staff. Due to the abundant availability of fresh garden produce, students also donated tomatoes and apples which were made into fresh salsa and baked apples with cinnamon. Who knew Science would taste so good?!? This activity was sponsored by the Statewide Health Improvement Project Grant to promote healthy eating in schools. Caldyn Colten EvelynStacy Nathaniel Mrs. Sonnek

What a Lot of Learning!

Greetings from the St. Casimir’s School! We have been so very busy that it’s hard to believe this is our fourth week of school already! In Reading, students in the third through sixth grades have been reading stories and making predictions about what they learned while working toward their Accelerated Reader goals. Furthermore, they are working on writing strong sentences and paragraphs as part of the English and Writing classes. The students in third and fourth grade have been studying about communities in Social Studies and have learned several things about the history of Wells including the fact that Clark Thompson founded Wells and started a railroad here. Did you know that Wells used to have an Opera House, a vinegar and cheese factory and a prisoner of war camp for German soldiers? The students found all of this information to be very interesting. In Science, the students have been studying cells and made edible cells out of Jello and candy to help understand the parts of the cell. We are now working on animal and plant classification.

I am also the Music teacher for all of the grades and am busy preparing for the Veteran’s Day program on November 11th during which the fifth and sixth graders will play the choir bells, the third and fourth graders will play recorders and the kindergarten through second grade students will sing. We hope you are able to join us for this national day of appreciation!

~~Submittted by Mrs. Cindy Bixby

What a BEAUTIFUL Day for a Marathon!

Many thanks to all those who prayed for good weather for our Knights of Columbus Marathon for Nonpublic Education! Your prayers were abundantly answered!  We had such a wonderful time at today's all school marathon and our thanks also go to our local Knights for this opportunity to raise funds to support our students' Catholic education.  Please take a few minutes to check out the slide show for a small glimpse of the awesomeness of this day and event!

New School Year Activities

As we begin the school year, we are excited to do some refreshing of place values in the fourth, fifth and sixth grade Math classes.  In Religion, we will start the year by studying the life of Jesus as the Bible teaches us and also focus on one virture a week to display in our behavior.  In Science, we are able to start the year wth our physical health, learning how to make nutritious choices for our mind and body.  Soccer is the focus of our Physical Education classes for all of the grades in which the students are able to enjoy the weather while learning some new skills that include teamwork.

--Submitted by Mrs. Chelsea Sonnek